AI Gr-Aid Will Revolutionize Education as we know it


How to set up your Plug-in

  1. Back up your site!
  2. This is for WordPress PHPP 7.2 or higher and LeanDash 3.6 or higher.
  3. After purchase, download AI Gr-Aid plug-in from your account page.
  4. Upload the contents of the plugin zip file using your WordPress plugin installer.
  5. Activate the plug-in through the plugins menu in WordPress.
  6. Go to AI Gr-Aid
    • Enter API Key
    • Set Percent Sensitivity to between 70-80%
  7. Go to LearnDash LMS
    • Quizzes > Settings tab > Turn on Quiz Builder > Save.


How to set up essay questions

When creating essay questions after activating AI Gr-Aid you will see a new box labeled AI Gr-Aid. You need to Enable AI Gr-Aid and type in your expected answer, then tell the system how sensitive it should be. We suggest 80%. Under how the answer should be handled make sure it is Not Graded, No Points Awarded.


What the backend looks like and how to navigate

You will see all the comments AI Gr-Aid is sending out, and every Student who does not pass a question will show up in the AI Gr-Aid Dashboard for review.


How to use AI Gr-Aid

After a student takes a test, all questions that did not get a passing grade appear on the AI Gr-Aid WordPress dashboard. You will see the AI feedback and either approve it and give a failing grade or change the grade and provide your feedback.

Your students access the feedback under the comments section in LearnDash. When manually grading essay questions under the view button, you can see the correct answer you have already put in the system next to the student’s answer.


What Your Students Will See!

From the LearnDash student profile, each student can access the AI Gr-Aid comments.


How to use manual mode for hand grading

When using the free version of AI Gr-Aid the ability to view the correct answers is a wonderful feature to use when hand grading essays in LearnDash. If you are tracking how many questions you have left to use. The manual grading mode will also give you this flexibility.

Ready to revolutionize your grading process?

Experience the power of AI in grading essay questions with pinpoint accuracy and efficiency. Elevate your assessment methods today!

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