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Efficiently grade factual essay questions with the power of AI Gr-Aid

Accurate Student Feedback

Rubric grading is a thing of the past with AI Gr-Aid. Give the ideal answer and let AI Gr-Aid do the rest of the work. Every question graded is gives accurate and insightful feedback to every student. The student feedback on this product has been very positive.

Automated Essay Grading

Efficient and accurate AI-powered essay grading saves educators time and effort. With AI Gr-Aid for LearnDash, educators can rely on advanced artificial intelligence to grade factual essay questions efficiently. Say goodbye to endless hours of manual grading and experience the convenience and accuracy of automated essay grading. This powerful tool streamlines the grading process, allowing educators to save time.

Time Savings

Effortlessly save valuable time on grading and focus on teaching. No longer will you have to dedicate countless hours to reviewing and assessing student responses. With this innovative tool, grading becomes efficient and automated, allowing educators to reclaim valuable time that can be better spent on lesson planning, personalized student support, or professional development.

Our Story

AI Gr-Aid for LearnDash is a product inspired by God!  I do not say this lightly.  This plug-in was developed after discussions in my house church. This group of individuals just happened to be two engineers, a professor, a computer science upperclassman, and an entrepreneur who had developed his own patents.  Through our discussions, I was inspired to develop this revolutionary new approach to education.

Anyone who has been teaching for any length of time understands multiple-choice tests do not inspire critical thinking or a deep understanding of any topic.  Essay questions do this, but the time involved in grading is overwhelming.  As instructors, we have to balance what we can reasonably grade and evaluate a student’s knowlage accurately.  AI Gr-Aid shifts this decision-making process back to getting our students to critically evaluate topics, have a deeper understanding, and be able to provide accurate feedback to every student.


Automatic Grading

Let AI Gr-Aid handle the grading for you with accurate, consistent student feedback every time for every student.


Increased Efficiency

Save valuable time involved in hours of hand grading and focus on other aspects of teaching that will expand your students knowledge.


Enhanced Learning Experience

Include more essay questions to enrich your course content and increase your students’ critical thinking skills. Provide immediate student feedback.

Why Choose AI Gr-Aid?

Ready to revolutionize your grading process?

Experience the power of AI in grading essay questions with pinpoint accuracy and efficiency. Elevate your assessment methods today!

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